We bring together elements and give you the power to have complete control of your home or office from the palm of your hand, wherever you are.

Surveillance systems installs to keep your eyes on your belongings while away and receive notofications on movement changes

Transform your existing garage door into a smart unit. Giving the power to be controlled from anywhere, close itself at specific hours or opening at your arrival using geofence technology

Change old fashion bulb lights with efficient LED, adding multiple functionality options.

Touch screen, Keypad, Bio-metric, Bluetooth, WI-FI,  Keyless entry

Adapt existing garage doors to smart them up for remote and automated control over WI_FI

Upgrade old thermostats, introducing HVAC to smart systems

Watch and communicate with visitor. Motion recording and notification.

To be used with old/new  light bulbs and automation systems

Set privacy and limit sun light automatic or by remote control

Custom lighting design

Implemented to give a warm feeling, when connected to a smart home automation it can make so many things like changing color and intensity based on weather, create party mode and respond to music, preset scene, respond to voice commands, preset schedules.